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From Storyboard to Print™ for the Young and Not-So-Young

These are intensive programs which will help you to create a wonderful 24 or 32 page professionally printed  picture book

Our programs provide 16 hours of direct contact time plus design consultation, professional book and cover design, pre-press and print management at an affordable price. You will be supplied with a hard copy workbook to .use as a process diary.  This diary will contain the handwritten elements of your process.  In addition you will be supplied with  easy to use templates and guides, creative thinking and problem solving activities, online support and a book launch. Books created in this program are sure to become treasured family heirlooms.


Our workshops are carefully designed and follow a defined process. By keeping the stories short authors have the opportunity to learn the process of crafting an engaging tale and then see that tale come to life as book. The books are usually 32 pages long and created in children's book format using illustrations to tell and support the written story. Do not let the format deceive you.  While some of the stories published through the Book Incubator are fanciful tales, others are deeply personal stories and memories created as legacy books.


We offer individual and group sessions, on-line and in person. Some people really enjoy working in small groups as it allows for connection with others as they create their story, while for others, the intensity of the story they want to tell sees the process work best created as an individual client. Both work.

 All authors are celebrated with a book launch.




No writing or drawing experience necessary!

Our award winning signature program, From Storyboard to Print™, gently guides new authors and illustrators through the process of storytelling for publication. In a few short weeks, budding authors develop their story from concept to a professionally printed hard-cover book.

What's your story?


inclusive short courses for budding authors

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